Pastor Mackenzie Kambizi

Pastor Mackenzie Kambizi Bio

Founder, Speaker, and Director of Truth for These Times Broadcast and a

Published Author.


Pastor Mackenzie Kambizi is a Man of God whose Life and Ministry mission-vision is to empower people to have a LIVING RELATIONSHIP with God.


 He is a Visionary Shepherd – Agent of compassion, theological ethicist, biblical expositor, revivalist, evangelist, conference speaker, congregational transformer, community developer, cultural critic, folklorist and dramatist, who works from a practical, relevant and biblical approach.


Pastor Kambizi has worked persistently to build cross-cultural and cross-denominational alliances between Christians in the United States, Europe, Africa, and the African Diaspora. He provokes thought through bold preaching, creative teaching, resourceful training, in-depth mentoring and practical motivation. As a driven and guided leader with great passion and vast pastoral experience (internationally and locally), he attempts to do the extraordinary for God in his life through faithful stewardship of influence and opportunity.


As an International Evangelist preaching in 17 countries on 4 continents, he strongly believes that the Church is the only organization that exists for its nonmembers - the community - our mission field. Pastor Kambizi is a strong proponent of evangelism and leadership development who has seen thousands of souls added to the church and counts it an honor and a privilege to serve Jesus Christ and to equip people for service. 


He is a bold and commanding community activist with a conviction to lead who has made such a great impact in all the cities he has pastored resulting in, awards that have opened doors into the public school system. He is a recipient of the Emerging Leader Award by the African American Legacy Project and numerous others including city mayoral appointments on many city boards. These numerous awards had him invited as a guest to the US Senate and US House of Congress resulting in congressmen and mayors attending worship services at his churches.



Pastor Mackenzie Kambizi is a family man. Married to his best friend Carol. As a family, they believe that they MUST PUSH THE KINGDOM till the last TRUMP sounds!



His Personal Philosophy is: Bad News Won't Change My Mind!